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L.K. Handyman has been a professional operating business for the past five years. As an owner operator, the personal touch and attention to detail and workmanship will surpass all of your expectations of what a professional run business should do.

L.K. Handyman is prompt, dependable, honest and trustworthy. I retired from the United States Navy on 2002 and became a manager in a well know home improvement warehouse.

My goal at L.K. Handyman is to build personal relationships with customers by always performing quality work. Becoming your lifelong Chesapeake handyman is the greatest compliment I can receive. L.K. Handyman knows what it means to serve this community.

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Chesapeake Handyman: A Person with Many Talents

A capable Chesapeake handyman is a person who can help you get all your small and odd jobs done on time. A skilled Chesapeake handyman can prove to be the best person to help you complete your small projects quickly and efficiently. A handyman is a person who can help you with all kinds of jobs, from the renovation of a room to helping with household repairs. They are proficient in multiple jobs such as painting your house, solving minor plumbing and electrical issues, installing and repairing drywall, and taking care of your landscape. You can also hire skilled handymen to look after your property.

A local Chesapeake handyman can help you with your smallest tasks. They can help you complete your DIY jobs too. A Chesapeake handyman has experience, reliability, flexibility and commitment to work. A handyman is more than a jack of all trades. The truth is a handyman is essentially expert at any job. He is a creative person, proficient in many areas and he can effectively tackle a wide variety of jobs with a fair degree of complexity.

When Do You Need a Chesapeake Handyman?

How do you determine if you need a Chesapeake handyman? First you might have a number of jobs that are too small or even too diverse for a contractor that specializes in only one area of home improvement. Then you need to determine whether the projects you have in mind are within your own scope of abilities. This means not only your skills level or physical ability but the time you have to dedicate to completing a job. Will you have enough time to complete all the repair and maintenance work by yourself? You need to realize that some tasks need to be completed immediately. If you don’t have time to do the small and essential jobs by yourself, better hire a professional Chesapeake handyman. A skilled Chesapeake handyman is the best person for getting all your repair jobs done. It is not possible to hire a contractor for every small job. You can easily find a reliable Chesapeake handyman for completing small DIY projects. He is the best person for your day to day repair and maintenance jobs. Hiring a handyman is more economical than hiring a contractor for small jobs.

Chesapeake Handyman: Perfect for Every Job

A Chesapeake handyman can assist you in all sorts of jobs and tasks. You may be planning a remodeling project or want to paint your house. You may be left with some building and finishing tasks. A handyman in proficient in all types of job, right from painting, repairs to installations. Many a times, you might take up DIY projects, but fail to complete them successfully. A skilled Chesapeake handyman can prove to be the best person to help you with your DIY projects. He can help you to improve your own skills as well. It is obvious that every home needs repairs from time to time. Even if you take the best care of your property, things will break and you will need to get them repaired. It’s not an understatement to say that a dependable Chesapeake handyman often proves to be a homeowner’s best friend.

You might have spilled paint on your hardwood floor while painting your living room. Or you might want to give your walls a new look. Some issues might be too small to hire a contractor, but require quick repairs. A skilled Chesapeake handyman is the perfect person for such tasks.

Some problems might need immediate attention. When you need help you often tend to look to a family member, neighbor or friend, who might know how to deal with the problem. However, seeking help from an untrained person may make the problem worse than earlier. On the other hand, a qualified Chesapeake handyman has the skills and necessary tools and resources to fix the problem without having to worry about follow up repairs.

Chesapeake Handyman: Your Home’s Best Friend

Many handymen businesses are run by a single person. If you make an appointment with a Chesapeake handyman to come give you an estimate or handle your repairs, but need to cancel, do not forget to call the handyman and cancel the appointment. Often handymen are hard pressed for time because they serve many clients. You can always get your appointment with the Chesapeake handyman rescheduled.

A Chesapeake handyman is a person of many skills. He can tackle a number of diverse projects and give you professional results every time. If he comes up against a job that is beyond his scope, he can still help you pinpoint the problem and find the right person to take care of it. A skilled Chesapeake handyman is the best person to call for help when you need a helping hand.

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I can always count on L.K. Handyman for dependable and quality work. They are the first number I call.
Deena - Virginia Beach, VA
L.K. Handyman has done kitchen, bath and floor remodels for my present and previous home. They have good prices and good service. I will keep going back to L.K. Handyman, and I recommend them to family and friends
Bret - Norfolk, VA
I have personally used L.K Handyman for the maintenance and remodeling needs for over four years now and have only good things to say. They always do excellent work and charge a fair price.
John - Chesapeake, VA